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  • cmiVFX - Blender to V-Ray : Volume 3

    cmiVFX - Blender to V-Ray : Volume 1+2+3
    English | AVC1 1024x576 12 fps | AAC 38 Kbps 22.05 KHz | 2.52 GB
    Genre: eLearning

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  • cmiVFX - Houdini Fluid Dynamic Pipelines
    cmiVFX - Houdini Fluid Dynamic Pipelines
    English | .MP4 | h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 15.00 fps(r) | aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | 2.9 GB
    Genre: E-learning

    cmiVFX presents an all-new, production tested, training series on Houdini Fluid tools. This coursework will explore simulating oceans using ocean tools and flip fluids inside Houdini. You will get familiar with the workflow and pipeline of creating a breach effect.
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  • cmivfx-Houdini Frictional Viscosities (Full) | 3.6GB
    English | 6h 01m | AVC1 1280x720 25 fps | AAC 160 Kbps 44.1 KHz
    Genre: eLearning

    cmiVFX has released Visco-Elastic Fluids in Houdini. This video is based around the theme of Learn, Test & Create. Firstly we'll be covering basic ways of producing a Jiggly / Squishy effect without heavy techniques. We'll also be learning about adding Microsolvers into Houdini's solvers and using a ready made group of microsolvers wrapped in a digital asset.
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  • cmiVFX - ZBrush Character Concept Design
    cmiVFX - ZBrush Character Concept Design
    MP4 | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x480, 29.97 fps
    4 Lessons | Prject Files Included |1.6GB

    cmiVFX presents Creature Concept Design in ZBrush and Photoshop with Sergiy Bryukhovich. In this video, you’ll learn to design, sculpt, and texture a fantastic creature in ZBrush and Photoshop and you’ll also learn how to turn your creature model into a high-quality drawing.
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  • cmiVFX - Houdini Intro To Particle Animation (2012)
    cmiVFX – Houdini Intro To Particle Animation | 800.72 MB
    English | .MP4 | Audio: aac, 22050 Hz, mono | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1024x576, 12.00 fps
    Genre: Elearning

    Houdini Intro To Particle Animation
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  • cmiVFX – Creature Creators Handbook Volume 02 Part A-B

    cmiVFX – Creature Creators Handbook Volume 02 Part A-B | 594 MB
    Duration: 03.00.03 | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1366x768, 30.00 fps | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    cmiVFX presents the second installment of a three volume masterclass series for Creature Rigging and Animation featuring the legendary Simon Payne as our mentor. If you want to become a master at rigging and animation, look no further.
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  • CmiVFX - Softimage Facial Retopo And Rigging For Animation 2012
    CmiVFX - Softimage Facial Retopo And Rigging For Animation 2012
    Year: 2012 | Author: Chris Tedin | Duration: 4:49:32 | Language: English | Video Format: FLV | Video: AVC, 1024x576, 16:9, 12 f / s, 550 kbit / s | Audio: AAC, 22,05 kHz, 38 kbit / s, 1 channel
    Mirrors:Rapidgator - Keep2share - Letitbit

    cmiVFX releases another great video hit with the launch of its Softimage ICE and ZBrush retopology workflow instructional solution. In digital animation, physical human animation can take you pretty far, but you won't achieve the final emotional "punch" without turning to the face for expression and emotion. So much is tied up in the face, and through its multiple levels of control through dozens of muscles and underlying bones, it is important to be able to make a solid structural head that is easy to animate. Using proven techniques of edge loops and solid understanding of human anatomy, we will take you through some of the more fundamental principles behind creating an effective head model and animation rig.
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  • CMIvfx Houdini Procedural UV Editing

    CMIvfx Houdini Procedural UV Editing
    English | 01.25.12 | mp4 | h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 | aac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16 | 237MB
    Genre: eLearning

    Make UV mapping much faster and easier for yourself with this new tool and training video. cmiVFX has just released “Houdini Procedural UV Mapping” with Twan de Graaf. In computer graphics, you are likely to use textures to define the shape and color of an object. However, most of the time this will require a transformation from 2D to 3D when you want to apply a 2D texture to a 3D model. UV mapping, as this is called, can be a tedious process, so this series will look at ways to make this process easier in Houdini, specifically by using a plug-in or digital asset created by the author of this video. This digital asset has the capability to automatically create UV maps according to parameters set by the user and it will help with the texturing process itself as well. NOTICE TO VIEWERS: A first party plug-in and some third party models are required to follow along with this lesson. The plug-in can be downloaded as a trial and will work with the free apprentice version of Houdini and the example models can be downloaded for fr
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  • cmiVFX - Houdini Mograph Title Design

    Houdini Mograph Title Design
    English | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 30.00 fps(r) | 950 MB
    Genre: E-learning

    cmiVFX has released yet another awesome video on Motion Graphics in Houdini. This video gives you solutions to many specific challenges when dealing with text, vector logos, and bitmap logos in Houdini. Tired of C4D artists telling you that they can create effects with MoGraph that are not possible in Houdini? Sick of trying to tweak particle forces forever without getting the results you are looking for? Then you'll love this video. Houdini is the swiss army knife of 3D Packages. There's basically nothing it can't do, so let's go ahead and give those C4D artists a run for their money. At the end you'll have a procedural system that works with all kinds of input geometry and can be adjusted and customized for a bazillion different effects.
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  • Cmivfx - Photoshop Introduction (Video Training)

    Cmivfx - Photoshop Introduction
    English | h264, yuv420p, 1024x576, 12.00 fps | aac, 22050 Hz, 1 channels, s16 | 657 MB
    Genre: eLearning

    cmiVFX has released a brand new learning series on Photoshop, taught by Martin Knapp. Throughout each of the many lessons in Photoshop: Mastering The Fundamentals students are introduced to this powerful image editing program.
    After becoming familiar with the Photoshop user interface, students will go on to to learn all about the various brushes, filters, effects, layers and many other powerful tools and features available within Photoshop. This series finishes things off by covering advanced image compositing techniques as students are taught step by step how to seamlessly blend several images together into a single stylized comp.
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  • Cmivfx - Unity 3D Introduction

    Cmivfx - Unity 3D Introduction
    English | h264, yuv420p, 1024x576, 12.00 fps | aac, 22050 Hz, 1 channels, s16 | 811 MB
    Genre: eLearning

    cmiVFX just released the first video in a brand new game design series based on the Unity3D game engine, taught by Creative Director and 3D industry veteran, Martin Knapp. Throughout each of the many lessons, students are introduced step-by-step to the powerful Unity3D game engine.
    Unity3D has been used to create countless games supporting all major systems and mobile devices. In this introduction, students will learn to build an entire game level from scratch, including textures, lights, advanced particles, and even how to add first-person and third-person game controllers so that they can explore and play the games they just created.
    hapter Descriptions
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  • cmiVFX-Scratch Digital Intermediate Volume 01

    cmiVFX-Scratch Digital Intermediate Volume 01 (2012)
    English | 2h 53m | AVC1 1280x720 12 fps | AAC 160 Kbps 48.0 KHz
    Genre: eLearning

    How can you convince someone how beautiful a sunrise is who will not open their eyes? Mike Burton is here to open your eyes to the speed and power of ASSIMILATE SCRATCH. SCRATCH is a trusted tool for production environments throughout our industry. This courseware will quickly guide the viewer to a stage of efficient productivity with SCRATCH. Sprinkled throughout, among the grading instructions, you will find features unique to SCRATCH.
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  • cmiVFX - Assimilate SCRATCH V6: VFX Processing Techniques

    cmiVFX - Assimilate SCRATCH V6: VFX Processing Techniques | 280MB
    English | 2h 25m | AVC1 640x360 29.970 fps | AAC 108 Kbps 48.0 KHz
    Genre: eLearning

    cmiVFX continues to rattle death blows to the stagnant high end VFX training market with yet another KICK-ASS bombshell of a video. This time we follow up with a killer sequel to our first Assimilate SCRATCH Volume 1 video by putting SCRATCH through its paces. Ever wonder if you can start in a finishing app and finish in a starting app? Well look no further! cmiVFX and Mike Burton take you through the network of post production in a complete circle of events.
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  • cmivfx - Houdini Mograph

    cmivfx - Houdini Mograph
    English | .mov | h264 1419 kbps | 1280 x 720 25fps | AAC 44,1kHz stereo | 4h 05m | 2.43 GB
    Genre: Video Tutorials

    Most of the time Houdini is spoken of, in terms of its usage, is in creating massive visual effects shots which require Particles and Dynamics.

    The purpose of this video was to show Houdini being used for creating something relatively different. Motion Graphics is a huge field and Houdini, because of it’s procedural nature is a great tool to create various types of elements that can be used for motion graphics.
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  • cmiVFX-Houdini Cracking Techniques

    cmiVFX-Houdini Cracking Techniques
    Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 123 kb/s (eng)
    Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 1200 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)
    Genre: eLearning | English | 2.7GB

    cmiVFX has released their newest lesson: Creating Cracks Digital-Asset in Houdini. Voronoi fracture is powerful, but it also has some limitations. How can we gain full control over the shape of the pieces? How can we make animations for crack propagation? How can we break only certain parts of an object while other areas remain intact? Mehdi Salehi reveals a new VFX technique in Houdini. In this lesson, we will create a new digital asset to answer these questions. This new tool can use patterns for creating cracks. You will learn that almost anything can be used as the pattern. For example, You can use lines, L-system, or image files as the pattern. You will learn that our new digital asset has even more power. It can be used to create precise tear patterns for cloth simulation, even for low poly objects. This lesson offers a new exclusive effect technique which is recommended to all Houdini users.
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