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  • Planet Explorers Steam Edition v0.83 Cracked-3DM

    Release: 11 Mar 2014
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG, Simulation
    Developer: Pathea Games
    Language: En
    Size: 2.9 GB

    In Planet Explorers, it is the year 2287, one of the first colony ships sent out by Earth arrives at the planet Maria, in the Epsilon Indi Star System. During its landing sequence, something appears in front of the massive ship that causes it to lose control and crash into the planet. Some of the colonists survive in lifeboats, but what they find is an unforgiving land filled with creatures ready to outlast the visitors from Earth. Now the survivors must explorer, gather, build, create, fight, and ultimately, build a new home.
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  • 7 Days To Die Alpha 8.8 Steam Edition Cracked 3DM

    Release: 24 July 2013
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG
    Developer: The Fun Pimps
    Language: En
    Size: 578MB

    Building on survivalist and horror themes, players in 7 Days to Die can scavenge the abandoned cities of the buildable and destructable voxel world for supplies or explore the wilderness to gather raw materials to build their own tools, weapons, traps, fortifications and shelters. In coming updates these features will be expanded upon with even more depth and a wider variety of choices to survive the increasing dangers of the world. Play alone or with friends, run your own server or join others.
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  • Avid Media Composer 7.0.4 Cracked (MacOsX)
    Avid Media Composer 7.0.4 Cracked (MacOsX) | 2.81 GB

    Avid Media Composer 7 is the most widely used NLE for professional film and video editing. With Media Composer 7, you gain accelerated high-res-to-HD workflows, automated media management, and Interplay Sphere for Mac support, extending real-time production everywhere. Experience the fastest file-based media workflows, ACE-certified tools, and the most trusted media management in the industry
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  • Unity3d Pro 4.5.2f1 Cracked
    Unity3d Pro 4.5.2f1 Cracked
    32Bit | 1.12 GB

    Unity - a multiplatform tool for game development, from the very beginning created to facilitate your creativity. Unity provides a comprehensive set of professional quality applications, and "quite accidentally" contains the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars
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  • Sygic Truck Navigation 13.2.6 Full (Premium)

    Sygic Truck Navigation 13.2.6 Full | 97 MB


    - Designed for truck drivers with truck restrictions in the map
    - Maps stored on device, internet connection is not required
    - SDK API interface for integration with 3rd party apps

    Available maps: Europe & Russia, North America
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  • 7 Days To Die Alpha 8.6 Steam Edition Cracked-3DM

    Release: 26 June 2014
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG
    Developer: The Fun Pimps
    Language: English
    Size: 1,8GB
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  • Photo Stock - Cracked Concrete
    Photo Stock - Cracked Concrete
    12 JPG | prew | 32.3 mb
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  • PHP Protector v1.49 Cracked-ZEKE

    PHP Protector v1.49 Cracked | 6MB
    PHP Protector is the ideal solution for the protection of your PHP source code.
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  • USB Disk Security v5.0.0.38 Cracked-PlanB

    USB Disk Security v5.0.0.38 Cracked | 1,79MB
    USB Disk Security provides 100% protection against any threats via USB drive, however, the majority of other products are unable even to guarantee 90% protection. USB Disk Security is the best antivirus software to permanently protect offline computer without the need for signature updates, but other antivirus software should update signature database regularly, and they cannot effectively protect offline computer. This light and easy to use solution is 100% compatible with all software and doesn't slow down your computer at all. You pay USB Disk Security once and get it all, however, other antivirus products should be paid for updates every year.
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  • Best Internet Links

    45 Anonymous 12.02.2014
  • AutoShutdown Pro v5.0.0.0 Cracked-NoPE

    AutoShutdown Pro v5.0.0.0 Cracked-NoPE | 2,25MB
    AutoShutdown is a system shutdown manager utility program which can secure your computer(s) when you are away. Perform an unassisted shutdown, restart, logoff, standby hibernate or lock the workstation based on time of day inactivity or battery power level. The Pro version features a system service module that can work with Windows 2000 and XP when a user is not logged in. AutoShutdown can also clean up files when it performs an action - wiping any trace from your recycle bin, temporary files, recent documents, cookies or other files. AutoShutdown can perform events at a scheduled date and time, after a period of inactivity or when you have one or more hot keys defined to perform specific events
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  • FB Ads Cracked 2.0 Reloaded

    FB Ads Cracked 2.0 Reloaded
    WEB-Rip | MOV | AVC1 @ 1.5 Mbit/s | 1440x900 | AAC Stereo @ 128 Kbit/s 44 KHz | 3.05 GB
    Genre: Online Business, Facebook | Language: English

    What is FB Ads Cracked 2.0 (Reloaded) by Don Wilson? It is a training course in the form of videos and private community to teach the different strategies of using Facebook ads to promote different products, services or events. This release is the new improved version of Ads Cracked 1.0 that launched last year with tens of success stories of people who applied what they learned. This one is different as the market always change, so even those who purchased the 1.0 version will buy the 2.0 version.
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  • TEC3001 Incl Update 1 Cracked-3DM

    TEC3001 Incl Update 1 Cracked-3DM
    Release: 9 May 2014
    Genre: Action, Indie, Racing
    Developer: Phoenix Game Studio
    Language: English

    In T.E.C 3001 (Tesla Energy Collector), you are guiding a cutting-edge technology robot to collect virtual space energy leftovers for humanity.
    With great graphics and a unique heart-pumping soundtrack, T.E.C 3001 has what it takes to keep you on the right track.
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  • Craft The World v0.9.027 Cracked-3DM

    Craft The World v0.9.027 Cracked-3DM
    Release: 9 May 2014
    Genre: Early Access, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
    Developer: Devokir Entertainment
    Publisher: Black Maple Games
    Language: English
    Size: 121MB

    Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress.
    Explore a random generated world populated by dangerous creatures, build a dwarf fortress, gather resources, and craft all the items, weapons, and armor you need.
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  • Swipecart Cracked-3DM

    Swipecart Cracked-3DM
    Release: 9 May 2014
    Genre: Casual, Indie, Racing
    Developer: Micro Factory Games
    Publisher:Micro Factory Games
    Language: English
    Size: 46MB

    Swipecart is a physics powered mine cart racing game that rewards patience and skill. It combines vehicle physics with clever and challenging level design. Compete for the fastest times on each track and earn money to customize your avatar.
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  • WhatsApp+ v5.45 Cracked [No root]

    WhatsApp+ v5.45 Cracked [No root] | 12.72 Mb

    Requirements: Android OS 2.1 +
    Overview: What is WhatsApp+? Basically it is a customizable WhatsApp where you can change lots of colours, sizes, and many other visual MODs In addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos.
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