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  • Tag and Rename 3.8 Beta 2 Portable
    Tag and Rename 3.84 Final + Portable | 12 Mb
    Mirrors: Rapidgator | Lafiles | Datafile

    Tag&Rename is a music files tag editor that easily handles all popular digital audio formats. No matter what music compressor you prefer, you can keep your music collection organized with Tag&Rename. It is the only tag editor and organizer which has full native support for: mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags), MusePack mpc/mp+ (APEv1, APEv2 and ID3v1 tags), Windows Media wma, asf and wmv files, Ogg Vorbis/Flac/Speex (vorbis comments), Apple iTunes and iPod aac (m4a) files including mp4, lossless m4a and protected m4p files, most popular lossless codecs including Monkey's Audio, Flac, Wav Pack, Optim Frog, True Audio, Apple, Windows Media lossless and Wav.
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  • 1CLICK DVD Copy Final

    1CLICK DVD Copy Final | 7.01 Mb

    1CLICK DVD COPY is a fast and easy-to-use program for copying DVD movies. This latest version now utilizes CPRx error correction technology to ensure the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies. Now you can make a perfect copy of a DVD movie with just one click. Unlike other software with complex settings, 1CLICK DVD COPY 5 can be used by anyone to make perfect copies of DVD movies.
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  • Smart Tools v1.7.3 Final

    Smart Tools v1.7.3 Final | 5.3 MB

    Measure length, angle, distance, height, Slope, Level, Thread direction and sound with your phone.
    Smart Tools is a complete package of 5 app sets. It includes 5 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools. In a word, All-in-One.
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  • Best Internet Links

    45 Anonymous 23.09.2014
  • Restore Point Creator 1.3.24
    Restore Point Creator 2.4.27 Final + Portable | 1 Mb
    Mirrors: Rapidgator | Lafiles | Datafile

    Restore Point Creator is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that was designed to help you restore the system to an early state using the existing restore points.
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  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker 4.5.2 Final
    7+ Taskbar Tweaker 4.5.6 Final | 1.2 Mb
    Mirrors: Rapidgator | Lafiles | Datafile

    7 Taskbar Tweaker is a handy Windows 7 utility that allows you to customize the taskbar of this particular Windows version, offering a basic interface to help in this regard.There is nothing too complicated about the program, but the real problem is that it doesn’t include a help manual to guide beginners in case they don’t know the meaning of a certain option.
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  • Final Cut The True Escapade Collectors Edition v1.0-TE

    Final Cut The True Escapade Collectors Edition v1.0-TE
    Release: 11/2014
    Genre: Hidden Object, Adventure, Puzzle
    Developer: Eipix Games
    Publisher: Eipix Games
    Language: English
    Size: 879 MB

    Your brother is directing a revival of a long abandoned project. A brilliant, one can say fabled, masterpiece that wrecked many careers, “The True Escapade”. With you assisting him and your fiancé playing the villain in the movie, its success is assured. But an accident on a scene makes your fiancé a prime suspect for murder and in the hands of a shadowy kidnaper with strange motives. Suddenly you are thrust in the spotlight in a murder mystery of your life.
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  • IDrive Online Backup Final
    IDrive Online Backup Free Final | 18.7 Mb
    Mirrors: Rapidgator | Lafiles | Datafile

    IDrive Online Backup is an easy-to-use program that allows users to back up the contents of their computers remotely. With a sleek interface and just enough features, this program is great for users of all levels.
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  • n7player Music Player Premium v2.4.6 Build 156 Final

    n7player Music Player Premium v2.4.6 Build 156 Final | 8.26 MB

    n7player is a supreme music player with innovative user interface and powerful audio processing
    The great interface allows quick and easy music browsing based on artists and albums.
    The n7player music player is also great in playing audio from folder, playlists or using lockscreen or music widget.
    Bass boost & 10 band equalizer (5 band on Android 2.3-4.1) will help you achieve the best sound quality.
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  • Boris Final Effects Complete v7.0.21 CE (x64) | 55 MB

    Final Effects Complete 7 AE brings over 120 designer effects and transitions to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5.x, and CS4.
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  • Final Exam MULTi6-PROPHET

    Final Exam MULTi6-PROPHET
    Release: 11/2014
    Genre: Action, Indie
    Developer: Mighty Rocket Studio
    Publisher:Focus Home Interactive
    Language: English
    Size: 854 MB

    Jump into the frenzied action and the whacky humor of a pure 2.5D side-scroller!
    While they were going to their old high school for what was supposed to be the party of their life, four long-time friends end up in a ghost town full of monstrous creatures.
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  • Auslogics File Recovery Final Portable

    Auslogics File Recovery Final Portable | 8.1 MB

    Auslogics File Recovery 4 - an effective and easy to use program that will recover accidentally deleted files and files deleted by virus attacks and software faults.
    Auslogics File Recovery Features
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  • DVDFab Beta
    DVDFab Final | 54.5 Mb
    Mirrors: Rapidgator | Lafiles | Datafile

    DVDFab is all you need to backup DVDs. DVDFab Platinum 3 is brand new, is completely rewritten, is based on 5 years of DVD copy software development. DVDFab is simply the easiest way to copy a DVD movie. Just insert the movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Your entire movie - including menus, trailers and special features - is copied to a single DVD with just one click, and everything happens automatically. Backup your entire DVD - including menus, trailers, and special features - onto one or multiple discs.
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  • FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3795 Final + Portable

    FlashFXP 5.0.0 Build 3795 Final + Portable | 10.4 MB

    FlashFXP 5 is a powerful and popular FTP and FXP Client loaded with features for the power user. FlashFXP has an intuitive and full featured user interface, allowing you to do all the common tasks with just a few clicks. It also support full drag & drop, so you can transfer files, synchronize folders, find files and schedule tasks with just one click. Using the FTP protocol, you can transfer files from remote servers to your computer, or even to another remote server. It makes it easy to update your Web site, download files from the company server, or even download files from the internet that always seem to fail using your Web browser. It allows you to transfer files between two sites (FXP), resume incomplete downloads, synchronize directories, schedule multiple tasks, and more. Available in over 20 languages.
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  • Lucky Patcher v5.2.1 Original & Moded Version Final

    Lucky Patcher v5.2.1 Original & Moded Version Final | 7.8 MB

    Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify Permissions,
    bypass premium applications license verification, and more.

    You can use this patcher to break some apps' Android Market License Verification or other Verifications.
    Lucky Patcher is a great tool to bypass Premium Applications License Verification.
    Now it can Remove some selected application more applications will add soon.
    To use this patcher you need a rooted device.
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  • Calibre 1.29.0 Final + Portable
    Calibre 2.11.0 Final + Portable | 185 Mb
    Mirrors: Rapidgator | Lafiles | Datafile

    Calibre is an e-book library management application. It is free, open source and cross-platform in design and works on Linux, OSX and Windows.Calibre is meant to be a complete e-library solution and thus includes, library management, format conversion, news feeds to ebook conversion as well as e-book reader sync features.
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