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  • iTrash 3.2 MacOSX

    iTrash 3.2 MacOSX | 9.6 MB

    Applications distribute several files throughout your system storage devices. Deleting an application itself is mostly not enough and will leave files untouched. iTrash uses a special search algorithm to find all related files and deletes them when asked.
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  • Fat Cat Software PowerPhotos 1.0.1 MacOSX

    Fat Cat Software PowerPhotos 1.0.1 MacOSX | 6.2 MB

    When using the Photos app to organize photos on your Mac, PowerPhotos allows you to break your photos up among multiple Photos libraries, rather than having to store all of your photos in one giant library. You can easily switch between libraries, or just browse the photos in your libraries directly from PowerPhotos, without having to open each library in Photos. PowerPhotos also supports searching across all your libraries at once to help track down a particular photo.
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  • 112db Redline Preamp v1.0.4 MacOSX
    112db Redline Preamp v1.0.4 MacOSX
    Team R2R | MacOSX | 5.64MB

    Redline Preamp livens up any "too clean" signal with a customizable combination of even and odd harmonics, saturation, and soft clipping. Redline Preamp is a vintage console channel, a musical grunge machine, and everything in between.
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  • 112db Redline Monitor v1.0.8 MacOSX
    112db Redline Monitor v1.0.8 MacOSX
    Team R2R | MacOSX | 6.53MB

    Redline Monitor is a listening, mixing, and mastering tool that makes your headphones experience more natural: as if the sound came from a pair of external speakers.
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  • 112db Redline Equalizer v1.0.6 MacOSX
    112db Redline Equalizer v1.0.6 MacOSX
    Team R2R | MacOSX | 7.42MB

    Redline Equalizer is a versatile parametric equalizer with novel features. Combining mastering-quality processing with unrivaled workflow, Redline Equalizer provides high precision control over the entire audio spectrum with perfect transparency and absolutely zero phase shift.
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  • 112db Big Blue Limiter v1.1.4 MacOSX
    112db Big Blue Limiter v1.1.4 MacOSX
    Team R2R | MacOSX | 8.01MB

    Big Blue Limiter is a character limiter. It is neither transparent nor intended to be. In fact it adds a little mojo to everything you run through it, if desired even when no limiting is taking place.
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  • 112db Big Blue Compressor v1.0.4 MacOSX
    112db Big Blue Compressor v1.0.4 MacOSX
    Team R2R | MacOSX | 12.31MB

    The Big Blue Compressor is a modern compressor with vintage qualities. Although it can sound transparent whenever necessary, it was designed to give character and warmth to your sound.
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  • Vectorworks 2015 SP3 (build 257190) MacOSX

    Vectorworks 2015 SP3 (build 257190) | MacOSX | 6.66 GB

    Vectorworks CAD software is a line of industry-specific 2D/3D and BIM solutions that allow designers to advance their ideas from concept through completion. More than half a million users around the world have realized their visions with Vectorworks.
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  • Dmitry Sches Tantra v1.00 MacOSX REPACK
    Dmitry Sches Tantra v1.00 MacOSX REPACK
    Team R2R | 2015.04.26 | 52.63 MB

    Tantra is a rhythmic multi-effect plug-in with a rich feature set and high quality processing modules. With Tantra you can get any kind of sound and turn it into a complex rhythmic progression, with lots of movements among the deep produced sound space.
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  • Acronis True Image 2015 v1.0.6680 MacOSX

    Acronis True Image 2015 v1.0.6680 MacOSX | 42 MB

    Reliable image backup and recovery of your entire system – email, music, photos, videos, documents, personal settings, bookmarks, and all your applications. You choose where, when, and how to back up. Use external drives, cloud backup, Time Capsule, or any NAS device. Set your own backup schedule to save changes constantly as you work. Back up anything – even virtual machines, and keep your system images compressed to take up to 3 times less backup space. The latest edition adds Bootcamp support, is compatible with File Vault 2 and Fusion Drive, and works with Mac OSX 10.10.
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  • Unity 3D Pro 5.0.1f1 MACOSX
    Unity 3D Pro 5.0.1f1 MACOSX | 1.72 GB

    Welcome to a vibrant community creating the games they love on the platforms they choose, connecting with their audience, and achieving success. Welcome to Unity 5
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  • TBProAudio Euphonia v1.9 MacOSX
    TBProAudio Euphonia v1.9 MacOSX
    Team HEXWARS | AU/VST/VST3/RTAS | 2.58MB

    Usually the final mix of a music production does not translate well with all audio devices (e.g. HiFi, car audio, smartphone) at the beginning. To achieve this in an effective manner is not easy to master!
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  • TBProAudio Gain.Rider v.1.7 MacOSX
    TBProAudio Gain Rider v.1.7 MacOSX
    Team HEXWARS | AU/VST/VST3/RTAS | 3.21MB

    Gainrider is a (vocal-) gain riding tool which gives fully control over the gain riding process. Gainrider let you control all aspects of the gain riding process, for the perfect ride!
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  • TBProAudio Impress v.1.4 MacOSX-HEXWARS
    TBProAudio Impress v.1.4 MacOSX
    Team HEXWARS | AU/VST/VST3/RTAS | 1.84MB

    Impress is a wideband stereo compressor including side-chaining,
    various prefilter options and state-of-the-art over sampling.
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  • TBProAudio LA.xLimit v.1.1 MacOSX
    TBProAudio LA.xLimit v.1.1 MacOSX
    Team HEXWARS | AU/VST/VST3/RTAS | 2.67MB

    LA xLimit is an advanced look ahead, wideband linked-stereo limiter including ISP (inter sample peak) detection and oversampling. The goal of the design was to cover a broad range of limiting applications in today's mixing and mastering situations with strong focus on low aliasing.
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