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  • Boinx FotoMagico 4.5.2 MacOSX | 115 MB

    "An impressive overhaul that opens up a wide range of creative possibilities for amateur and pro shutterbugs alike and it's cheaper than ever." – MacLife, Rating 5/5 "Awesome"
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  • Schaack Audio Transient Shaper v2.5.1 MacOSX
    Schaack Audio Transient Shaper v2.5.1 MacOSX | 28.03 MB

    Transient Shaper is a dynamics plugin that allows "shaping" of the Attack and Release phases of the sound with 2 knobs only. The effect ranges from gate-like to compressor-like. Transient Shaper is aimed to be used with percussion, but can also be used to process individual channels or loops. The sound it produces is different from "classic" dynamics processors. It is a good tool for adding punch to the mix or to accomplish tasks where classic dynamics sound too harsh. The CPU usage is very low (around 1% per plugin instance or less on more or less modern computers).
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  • Telestream Episode Engine With All Options v6.4.6 | 58MB

    Encoding for Post Production and New Media workflows
    The highest quality video transcoding for the entire digital post-production workflow – from camera to
    delivery with remarkable speed, powerful controls and cross-platform scalability at an affordable price.
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  •  QuickBooks Pro 2015 R2 MacOSX

    QuickBooks Pro 2015 R2 MacOSX | 202 MB

    Save time organizing your finances with accounting software built for your Mac computer. Organize your business finances easily. Manage your sales and expenses all in one place and get reliable records for tax time.
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  • Parallels Desktop 10.1.0 MacOSX

    Parallels Desktop 10.1.0 MacOSX | 351 MB

    The easiest, fastest, and most powerful solution for running Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting. #1 choice of Mac users for over 8 years
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  • SoundMate For SoundCloud v2.30 MacOSX Retail
    SoundMate For SoundCloud v2.30 MacOSX Retail | 1.44 MB

    Desktop client for SoundCloud. No more 'trying to find in which tab is SoundCloud running, close the window and your music keeps playing in the background. SoundMate is built on to of the same SoundCloud website, you already know and love so it is easy to use.
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  • Best Internet Links

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  • Apple iPhoto v9.6 MacOSX

    Apple iPhoto v9.6 Multilingual MacOSX | 1.06 GB

    iPhoto lets you do more than you ever thought possible with your photos, with easy ways to find, sort, and rediscover your favorite shots. Simple but powerful editing tools let you turn good photos into magnificent ones. Share directly to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Messages. iPhoto also works with iCloud, so the photos you take on your iOS devices automatically appear in iPhoto, and you can share selected photos and videos with family and friends using iCloud Photo Sharing. You can even create professional-quality photo books, calendars and letterpress cards quickly and easily.
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  • Apple Pages v5.5 Multilingual MacOSX

    Apple Pages v5.5 Multilingual MacOSX | 315 MB

    Create gorgeous documents in minutes with the all-new Pages for Mac word processor — featuring a stunning new design, new writing tools, and improved performance. Start with an Apple-designed template or create your own design using fonts, styles, and tools from the intelligent Format Panel. Easily add images, movies, charts, and more. And use change tracking, comments, and highlights to review your work.
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  • Apple Aperture 3.6 MacOSX

    Apple Aperture 3.6 MacOSX | 538 MB

    Aperture combines the control and speed pros want for demanding photo tasks with the easy learning curve iPhoto users need to step up to an advanced photo tool. It has been fully optimized for the Retina display on the new MacBook Pro, letting you browse and edit high-resolution images with remarkable clarity and resolution. And with a new unified photo library, you can now move seamlessly from iPhoto to Aperture — and back - without having to import, export, or reprocess your photos.
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  • Sorenson Squeeze Desktop Pro 10.0.0 MacOSX | 146 Mb

    Squeeze Desktop is Sorenson Media’s workhorse video encoding tool that will render the highest-quality video and audio files for professionals and hobbyists alike. Manipulate resolution, file output, and other specifications to create the finished video product you need. Use Squeeze to encode videos that you’ve created in Final Cut Pro, Avid, or Adobe Premier to ensure that they come out looking as good as you imagined. Or use Squeeze to update your home movies so you can share them at a family reunion. Whatever the reason, Squeeze is your best video encoding option. Squeeze supports the most common input and output formats to ensure that your video can be shown virtually anywhere. Check out the different versions of Squeeze to find which best meets your needs.
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  • Allegorithmic Substance Designer v4.5.1 Build 14506 | 200 Mb

    Substance Designer 4 is the first texturing tool to introduce a material layering workflow. Tired of messy layers ? Fit all you need in a few compact and handy nodes. Let Substance connect all the channels for you and focus on what really matters: your art.
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  • Cheetah3D 6.3.2 (MacOSX)
    Cheetah3D 6.3.2 | MacOSX | 36 MB

    Cheetah3D is a powerful and easy to learn 3D modeling, rendering and animation application which was developed from the ground up for OS X. So jump right into the world of Computer Generated Imaging. Create 3D artwork for your next iPhone game or make your first animated character.
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  • M4VGear 1.0.7 (MacOSX)
    M4VGear 1.0.7 | MacOSX | 4 MB

    There are numbers of different ways to copy iTunes movies or TV shows on your local hard drive so that you can transfer those videos to all kinds of devices for playing. For example, you can use a video recorder tool to record the screen when you playback the video on iTunes. In this way, the recorded video won't be protected by DRM any more, and you can transfer it to any of your Android phones or tablets for enjoying.
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  • PhotoKey Pro 6.0.0024 MacOSX

    FXhome PhotoKey Pro 6.0.0024 MacOSX | 130 MB

    Designed for professional green screen photographers. Add professional greenscreen photography to your portfolio of services with PhotoKey 6 Pro. Whether in the studio or on location, greenscreens enable you to transport your subjects anywhere in the world. You no longer need to maintain an unwieldy selection of color backings all you need is a single greenscreen and PhotoKey 6 Pro.
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  • Red Giant Shooter Suite 12.5.2 | 188 MB

    Red Giant Shooter Suite gives you the freedom to shoot the way you want, with the confidence that your footage will make it to the timeline intact, with audio synced and your on set decisions carried over. Shooter Suite includes BulletProof, a complete on-set footage prep and delivery solution that quickly takes you from backup through export, capturing everything you need. Fast, automatic audio syncing with PluralEyes 3 eliminates the need for clappers and time cues that come with multi-cam shooting.
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