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  • New version of SA "titles" mode!
    We are Back With more Fantastic Addition!

    In our previous post, we showed beta version of main page. It is available now!

    As you can see one more button added on main page named "titles".This button will customize pages of SA to show them as "titles" - simple , short and informative. Not Like? no problem, you can stay with Covers or List mode also.

    More info about this fantastic mode "titles", find out It inside ...
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  • New features Arrives

    Time now for new series of features for our Dear Members.

    Its been Long time, we have not published any thing about changes we made. so here we go.

    First thing first, lets us tell you about our working in last 1/2 months.
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  • Happy New Year 2014

    A Warm WELCOME to all our visitors in this New Year!

    We are so happy to see you and committed to provide you more better environment on softarchive in this year also . We value and appreciate all the feedback we have received in past and in this year. Please keep yourself involved and share your thoughts with us as you are doing for past many years. We will make sure that your every visit on softarchive give you new feeling with lots of stuff you were looking for.

    Stay Tuned with SA Team !
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  • Best Internet Links

    45 Anonymous 23.11.2014
  • December Site Update: Display/Sort, Comments, Tags

    Dear SA Members and Guests,

    As you were waiting and expecting, we come up again with updates upon your feedback and suggestions.
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  • New Main Page look

    Hello Dear Members and Guests

    1) We are happy to come up with New Main Page look. From now onwards, you can choose type of Viewing/reading main page which are Covers (New Addition) or List (like before you read SA). Also now articles per current date (main page) will be sorted by total Likes (More Likes, Most Top Position). Sorting will not be included for previous dates. Do not COLLECT POWER! Be Interactive ! "Like" of article - reduce only 0.001 of your "POWER". Hope you will love it. This feature is still in Beta Version and you positive feedback will make it final.
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  • SATeam always try to approach our user with new feature, styles, changes. So may our respectful users don't get bored as they visit us daily, 7 days a week. And now this time.

    We have a big surprise for You!
    The NEW Version of Your Most Favourite Website SoftArchive.
    In New SA, we tried to Keep all things in the usual place to make you easy to adopt.

    We hope you will like this new version.
    If during using, you find any bug or think that it is a bug or you are uncomfort with, then it is very important to report it to us. Please send us the bug report on .

    Now time to enjoy the NEW Year again with NEW SA
    Your Comment are important to us!

    Thanks to you all friends
    SA Team
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  • We want to present you our new FileHostings Feature
    Yes...........Since Long we have not give any update to our users, but time has come to make and let you know about it!
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  • Do you like online ads - banners, pop-ups and etc.? Surely NOT. But ads help us pay for our servers expenses. Most websites now depend on ads to stay alive, So itТs up to you now to see what will you get if you donate! You can convert your Membership Status into PREMIUM.
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  • Dear Members and Visitors,

    Time to make some changes with file-hosting services.
    As you know, our mandatory file hosts are: RapidShare or MediaFire + ANY other mirrors.

    Why we want to change it?
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  • Assassin's Creed [Iphone/Ipod/Ipad] Size :128 MB
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  • This page shows you how to Submit article.

    Read RULES or you will get ban.

    Templates of submitting News:
    SoftWare | Music | Games | E-Books | Video | PDA/Mobile | Graphic

    You can now Post your artile in Blog. Even you can Post it in your Friends(Partner) Blogs.Its completly your choice what you decide. You are free to decide what you want.

    1. How to submit artile in Blog.
    2. How to submit your artilces in any Blog.

    OK. Lets here start
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  • Rating System

    - What is it - "Rating" and "Power"?.

    Rating is "USER EVALUTION"

    Power is "Points member has"
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  • Q- How to connect to PRIVATE blog ?

    For example (with blog

    1) Click to Blog name (in example "Nice blog")

    How to connect to blog
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  • Release: 2006
    Genre: GT / Street Racing
    Developer: Synetic
    Language: English
    Size: 10,04GB
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  • Nero Multimedia Suite 10.0 KeyGen-Only (Multi) | 1.2 MB

    A single powerful package of Nero Multimedia Suite 10, consisting of three product (Nero Vision Xtra, Nero Burning Rom, Nero BackItUp & Burn), gives the user a maximum of multimedia capabilities. It has advanced video editing, media organizer and player, an excellent software for burning CDs, reliable backup technology and special multimedia tools to enhance music and video files and photos.

    Three products - one solution
    - Enhanced video editing and creation of HD-movies
    - Secure backup, and recovery
    - Advanced software for recording and
    - Copy a CD, DVD and Blue-ray

    Highlights Application Pack Nero Multimedia Suite 10:
    - Edit video with Nero Vision Xtra ™
    - Search, Play, and easily organize all your music tracks, pictures and videos using multimedia organizer all in one "
    - Use the latest tools to edit video (picture in picture, full control of - the keyboard, the master track special effects, various special effects and transitions) in multitrack assembly line to make their works really personal.
    - Build high-definition movies on disc DVD, and Blu-ray, using SmartEncoding to accelerate HD video recording and burn Blu-ray-discs in high-quality cinematic format, with 24 consecutive frames.
    - Media player supports all popular formats of audio, video and images, such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, MPEG-4 AVC, (S)-VCD, AVCREC and Audio CD, as well as various play lists and slide show
    - Record music, photos and video on a CD, DVD, and Blu-ray, as well as access to your projects in social networks

    Burn with Nero Burning ROM ™
    - Ensure readability of discs, regardless of their age, wear and scratches thanks to the availability of protection technology SecurDisc
    - Transfer files using drag and drop to burn CDs, DVD's and Blu-ray, as well as to save the images
    - Separation of large files for burning to multiple drives
    - Additional data protection through encryption and add personal passwords
    - Excellent quality playback of content
    - Perfect copies of CDs by reliable burn without interruption

    Backup using Nero BackItUp & Burn ™
    - Perform automatic backups in one-touch without having to change your PC settings
    - Technology SecurDisc - guarantee the readability of data, increasing chances of file recovery, data protection against accidental changes and verification of data source
    - Easy backups to hard disk, CD-, DVD-, Blu-ray-discs, to FTP, memory card and online store
    - Restore personal data after a computer failure or breakage
    - Restore damaged or deleted files from hard disks, CD-, DVD-ROM drive, flash drives and floppy
    - Backup files and folders on multiple devices simultaneously

    Create groups of photos and videos slide shows and high-definition movies
    Easily organize and edit photos and video clips in storyboard mode and apply different themes in the style of cinema.

    Fully controlled, efficient backup of a few simple steps
    Choose your method of backup: backup avtokopirovanie Autobackup one simple, incremental, differential, full or modernization copy, and then back up selected files, entire systems, or keep back.

    Edit and enhance photos with one click
    Easily edit photos, achieve superior quality, to improve their projects a slide show and video.

    Editing video using multiple tracks and complete processing of key personnel
    Use when editing multiple audio video tracks. Apply effects, picture in picture, animation, video and audio, as well as the effects of the overlay; dynamically adjust the values, specifying the properties of key personnel.

    Fast and Reliable Burning ROM
    Using drag and drop to burn data to CD-, DVD-and Blu-ray-drives, hard drives, to maintain the networks and on USB-devices and write large files on multiple discs. SecurDisc technology ensures the readability of data and provides features such as password protection, encryption, etc.

    Record slide shows and movies on discs or put online in social networks
    Add menu to their projects slideshows and burn projects to disc DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray. You can use the advanced creation that allows you to open a project in Nero Vision and make any necessary changes.

    Included Applications
    Nero Vision Xtra ™
    Nero MediaHub - organizer of music, photos and video, media player and a tool for creating slide shows
    Nero Vision - advanced features for creating and editing videos
    Nero ControlCenter - Product Management Nero and serial numbers, including update
    Nero Burning ROM ™
    Nero Burning ROM - Burning CDs
    Nero BurnRights - easy deployment of user rights to burn
    Nero ControlCenter - Product Management Nero and serial numbers, including update
    Nero BackItUp & Burn ™
    Nero BackItUp - convenient backup, restore and synchronize
    Nero Express - an easy-to-use wizard for burning and copying CDs
    Nero RescueAgent - extended file recovery
    Nero BurnRights - easy deployment of user rights to burn
    Nero ControlCenter - product management Nero and serial numbers, including update

    PLUS: Nero tools to work with multimedia
    Nero StartSmart - problem-oriented management center, which is designed for burning, video editing and backup
    Gadget Nero DiscCopy - copying disks on the desktop, Windows ®
    Nero WaveEditor - editing music files
    Nero SoundTrax - digitizing music from vinyl records and film cassette
    Nero CoverDesigner - creating artwork and disc labels
    Nero Recode - conversion and compression of DVD-video and video
    Nero ToolKit - improving PC performance

    Minimum system requirements for Nero Multimedia Suite 10
    Windows ® XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista ® SP1 (32 - and 64-bit versions), Windows ® 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (32 - and 64-bit versions),
    The AMD or Intel ® 2 GHz
    512 MB RAM (1 GB of RAM for Windows Vista ® and Windows ® 7)
    5 GB of free hard disk space for a standard install of all components (including templates, content, and the temporary space on disk)
    DirectX ® 9.0-compatible graphics card with 3D-akserelatsiey, 16-bit color and at least 128 MB of graphics memory (32 bits, true color, 256 MB of dedicated video RAM and support for Shader Model 3.0)
    DVD drive for installation and play
    Writing or rewriting drive to write and create a CD-ROM, DVD or Blu-ray
    DirectX ® 9,0 c version 30 (August 2006)
    Windows Media ® Player 9
    The components of third-party developers such as Microsoft Windows ® Installer 4,5, Microsoft. NET ® 3,5 SP1 and Microsoft Silverlight ™ 3, supplied with the product, or automatically downloaded if not included in the package
    For some services require an Internet connection (recommended DSL-1000 and above). Costs for connection is a user

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    In 64-bit operating systems, applications run in emulation mode 32-bit environment
    Nero DiscCopy Gadget does not work on 64-bit operating system
    To the software worked correctly, the device must be properly installed and must be recognized by the operating system
    It is strongly recommended that you install the latest WHQL-certified device drivers

    Special / minimum requirements for editing and creating video
    Compatible with OHCI controller «FireWire ®» (IEEE ® 1394) for capturing digital video and HDV ™
    TV tuner and video capture card to capture video in both analog and digital formats
    Up to 50 GB of available hard disk space for disk images and temporary files

    Special / minimum requirements for working with video-content high-resolution
    Dual-Core Intel ® or AMD with a frequency of at least 2 GHz
    2 GB of RAM
    To support technology AVC NVIDIA ® CUDA ™ you must install the NVIDIA ® CUDA ™-capable graphics card
    For more information, visit:
    To play copy-protected video content must be appropriate hardware / software

    Specials / minimum requirements for backup
    To use certain features backup and recovery requires a hard drive with the NTFS file system
    For backup using Nero Online Backup requires broadband Internet access

    Special / minimum requirements for use LightScribe and Labelflash ™
    LightScribe-compatible burner and media
    It must be installed on to LightScribe on the host
    Labelflash ™-compatible burner and media

    Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Themes Pack:
    Nero Clipart Pack:
    133 images
    Nero Menu Template Pack1:
    1 standard two-dimensional pattern
    2 animated two-dimensional pattern
    2 intelligent three-dimensional pattern
    Nero Menu Template Pack2:
    21 of the standard two-dimensional pattern
    19 intelligent three-dimensional patterns
    Nero Menu Template Pack3:
    13 animated two-dimensional patterns
    Nero Movie Theme Pack1:
    3 themes Movies
    3 disc menu template with the appropriate design
    Nero Movie Theme Pack2:
    9 those movies
    9 templates disc menus with appropriate design
    Nero Sample Image Pack:
    10 templates photos
    Nero Sample Videos:
    1 sample video

    Medician: Keygen
    Interface Language: Multilanguege
    OS: All Windows

    Home Page

    [b]Download Link :

    Mirror #1

    Mirror #2

    Mirror #3

    Mirror #4